Monday, February 28, 2011

De Tomaso Returns!

2012 De Tomaso SLS Concept
De Tomaso's been gone since 2001 and most Italian fans have missed it ever since. The Pantera was one of their most famous creations. Elvis Presley had one and it was a fast and quite powerful car. Well, I'm here today to tell the Italians and you guys that De Tomaso is back bringing more luxury to Italy. They're restarting it with this, the SLS (Sports Luxury Sedan) Concept car. Now if you're a beemer fan, you may be looking of this car thinking that it has some similarity to the BMW 550i Gran Turismo. That's because it is, unfortunately. What they've done here is just dumped the German stuff and put Italian goodness in. All of the German techiness has been replaced with drinks-globe Italian luxury. But, honestly, from me, this is just a big, fat humpback whale. I hope the production model turns out better than this. Anyway, if you're on a different position with this car, it will be on display at Geneva this week. Check it out there.

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