Monday, February 28, 2011

Casino Royalty

2011 Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro (Test Drive Unlimited 2)
If you've played TDU 2 for a while now, I think you'll find this car very familiar. It's the exclusive R8 Spyder which is only available on Casino Island. Most of you gamblers know how to win this car: winning the jackpot at the slots. I will tell you this right now: complete waste of time. Soon enough, you'll be hooked and you'll waste all the money you'll need to buy a house or a new car. Well, luckily I'm here and I'm going to tell you of another very easy to go home with this car. Are you ready, cuz here it comes: BUY IT! The car is worth ¢1,000,000 Tokens, which is equivalent to $2,000,000, which you can easily receive through racing in Championships, selling useless items, or just gambling for money. It works and it's so much easier than gambling your money away. So, to those who've said to you, "You can't buy that car. You can only win it", watch them gasp when you roll up in this and then tell them, "This was nearly a buy, not a win." I hope this tip was helpful. More TDU 2 tips coming up!


  1. Wow really awesome car. As you said i can't afford this car. I can only win it

  2. wow!!. very awesome and fantastic and i really do love it..its so expensive..well we can't afford it so we just stare on it

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